Tilinga Studio is an international
website design & development company
who work with start-ups, small and midsize businesses


It all started in 2012 when Julia Tilinga decided to use her unique expertise in marketing and programming and found an internship in New York, USA. She took increasing responsibility for website design and development, offered new and unconventional ideas, and after a successful project launch, she decided to open her own company. In 2013 Tilinga Studio was officially born in the heart of New York City.

✔ Create an elegant design that matches your brand and objectives
✔ Build website that rockets your sales and grow your business
✔ Save you piles of cash by providing a user-friendly backend


NYLESA powerpoint redesign by Tilinga Studio

NYLESA powerpoint redesign
December 2014

NYLESA membership card design by Tilinga Studio

NYLESA membership card design
October 2014

NYLESA newsletter redesign by Tilinga Studio

NYLESA newsletter redesign
July 2014

StakeholderField.com by Tilinga Studio

July 2014

PalomaRedondo.net by Tilinga Studio

March 2014

Nylesa.org homepage redesign by Tilinga Studio

Nylesa.org homepage redesign
March 2014

DowntownUrology.com by Tilinga Studio

March 2014

AllisonJurjens.com by Tilinga Studio

March 2014

Stakeholder and Field logo design by Tilinga Studio

Stakeholder&Field logo design
February 2014

NilesAdvertising.com by Tilinga Studio

February 2014

Великовечное.ЛечебницаЮга.рф by Tilinga Studio

January 2014

ЛечебницаЮга.рф by Tilinga Studio

December 2013

AdvancedHolisticCenter.com by Tilinga Studio

October 2013

Sdarn.ru by Tilinga Studio

September 2013

GreenBeatLife.com by Tilinga Studio

September 2013

Omisem.com by Tilinga Studio

July 2013

MetroNyCops.org by Tilinga Studio

April 2013

Tmium.com by Tilinga Studio

March 2013

FreeWorkshopsNYC.com by Tilinga Studio

January 2013


Why is having a website so important?

A website acts as the marketing hub for your business. Nearly all potential clients will visit your website first before contacting you. This makes your website a critical piece within your marketing scheme – it can either build or destroy rapport with your potential clients. Our ambitious objective is to provide you with the best in class graphic design techniques and a user-friendly backend for you to maintain your contents intuitively and painlessly. The result is a custom-made and customizable website that helps to grow your business.

Our services include:

Website Design
Website Development
Monthly Maintenance


Commonly asked questions

  • Your schedule is our schedule
  • We are not afraid to do something new
  • We approach each individual on a case-by-case basis
  • We will provide you with a simple and easy to use content management system, which will allow you to save money in the long‐term by easily self­‐managing the contents on your own
We accept all major debit and credit cards, checks and PayPal.
Yes! We can help you:

  • Add or remove pages
  • Manage email accounts
  • Restructuring website content
  • Enter new product information
  • Manage event and contact information
  • Replacing or improving images and banners
  • Transfer domain names and website hosting
  • and more
Yes! Your website will be accessible from desktops (all major browsers) and all popular mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc). Depending on project needs, we recommend mobile-responsive design, for others we may recommend a mobile app.
Content Management System, or CMS, is a user-friendly admin panel of your website, which allows you to easily self‐manage the contents of your website.

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